Tips on How to Deal With Different Kinds of Bosses

On your way to reaching your career goals, you will surely find yourself changing jobs at least once in your life, which means that you will most likely encounter different types of managers and supervisors. If you are interested in keeping your job and getting promotions, it is very important that you know how to manage your boss. Below are some of the most common types of challenging bosses and techniques on how to deal with them.


As the name implies, a boss who is considered as a blockade impedes the progress of the company and career development of the people under them. If you think your boss is lazy and is an under achiever, then you can surely categorize him or her as a blockade. One way to deal with this type of boss is to help them deal with tough assignments. Since you cannot expect this person to help you with promotion, it would be better if you learn more about the company and expand your network of friends from different departments without really stepping on your boss and making him or her look incompetent. Always keep them in the loop and do a great job without intimidation.

Pal Material

At first glance, you will surely like a boss that is a pal material. He or she is the kind of person who will greet you with a smile in the morning and will genuinely be interested in your personal life. This kind of manager does not like conflicts and wants to be on good terms with other people. Although your life in the office may be less stressful with a super friendly boss, your career might suffer in the end. Since this manager hates tensions, he or she would find it hard to make decisions that will make them unpopular to members of their team. So first, you need to be loyal because this manager values relationships. Next, be honest and tell them about departmental issues you think need to be resolved. However, do not outshine him or her. Instead, make them look good to superiors. If you give them good feedback, he or she will most likely also do the same to you.

Clueless Boss

If you think that you know more about the work and the company than your boss, then chances are he or she is a clueless boss. The good thing about this boss type is that you have a good opportunity to learn and find career advancement under their wings. Try to help with the more technical aspects of the company and try volunteering to accompany him or her to high level meetings. Your boss will truly appreciate your help.

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